Hi!! My name is Nola Nackerud, and I love Bend, Oregon, which is the sister city of where I live; Condega, Nicaragua. I came to Condega in 2001 as a Peace Corps volunteer. After my Spanish improved our mayor asked me to help translate for some people who were visiting our town.  That was my first introduction to the good people of Bend, Oregon. I continued to help when they came back each year forming a very meaningful and wonderful relationship.

When I left Peace Corps in 2007,  I went back to sell all of my belongings in order to return to Nicaragua. So here I am 12 years later living in Condega still helping Bend, but am involved much more in their projects here.I help as the person on the ground here for Bend with various projects in Condega.
Some of these projects include:
1) uniforms for school children to attend school
2) library improvement project
3) volunteer firefighters (contact with Mark Taylor)
4) food and support for the Deaf students who come from rural areas to study and stay in condega
5)projects for the special needs school
and many other projects.

I am very committed to my work here and love the children.  I came to Nicaragua when I was 50 years old and found my home in this country! I am thankful everyday to be here and am grateful to Bend for helping in so many ways here with their various projects. I see the help first hand and it is amazing to see the smiles that come from the help of others to others. I could go on and on, but I will end here and I wish you all a very happy year!!! May God bless you all!!!!!!