Other Projects

Library Improvement Project

Volunteer Firefighters (working with the City of Bend Fire Department)

Food and support for the Deaf students who come from rural areas to study and stay in Condega

Projects for the special needs school

Trinity Episcopal Church: Condega Project

In 1998 Hurricane Mitch stalled over Nicaragua, causing extensive damage. The following year Trinity Episcopal Church was approached by a member of the Bend community and asked to participate in the recovery effort in Condega, Nicaragua. We sent a small group down to explore the situation. They came back recommending that we lend our support to the recovery effort. Every year since then we have sent a team to Condega and have initiated numerous projects in the community.

The focus of the Condega Project has been on children, particularly handicapped children. We have provided the financial support needed to keep a dormitory for deaf children open. We’ve worked with a school for handicapped children, most recently installing electricity to the building. We’ve purchased hundreds of school uniforms for some of the poorest children in Condega. We have a staff person in Condega who manages these and many other smaller projects that we’ve initiated in Condega.

The Bend Sister City Foundation provides a communication and support link for all of the programs working with Bend’s sister cities. The Foundation also provides a fund raising capability that makes sense to people in our community who want to support international programs that have a direct link to the city of Bend. The Condega Project has two members on the Bend Sister City Foundation board of directors.

Working with various other groups, including Trinity Episcopal Church, we have focused on several projects with our sister cities to help improve the lives of the people living in these communities

International Projects

School Uniforms

Several years ago Trinity Episcopal Church started buying school uniforms for some of the most needy children in Condega.  They started small and are now able to purchase, with the help of the Bend Sister City Foundation, school uniforms for 195 children of all ages.  School uniforms consist of a shirt/blouse, pants/skirt, shoes, socks and a backpack.

Our staff person in Condega, Nola Nackerud, and a community representative select the children who will receive uniforms.  We have developed a relationship with a local merchant where by he provides the uniforms and we pay him when we arrive in Condega.  The month of January, the month before the school year starts, is extremely busy for Nola and the community representative as they have to corral 195 children and get them fitted for school clothes.  Often the kids wear their uniforms all day and by the end of the school year the uniforms are ruined and need to be replaced the following year.

The Bend Sister City Foundation/Trinity Episcopal Church will gladly accept monetary donations to help us purchase even more uniforms.

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